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All analysis and market techniques are for informational purposes only. CFD instruments are very complex speculative instruments and have a tremendous leverage effect. Due to this leverage, these instruments are associated with enormous speculative risk. You can lose your money very fast. Between 70-85% of retail accounts and traders lose their money in CFD trading. Please do not copy trades posted on Forex Area. All the trades posted by a Trader and Member are for informational purposes only. Trade your own trading ideas. We accept no liability.

You as an investor or speculator should understand and master CDF instruments before you trade with these CDF instruments. With such financial instruments, you can lose your entire deposit with a provider (broker) of CDF products. Make sure that you have fully understood all the associated risks and seek advice from an independent source. Before you open a live account with a broker, it is better to open a demo account to gain sufficient experience. Then you can open a live account with a small amount at a broker. Further information can be found in the risk instructions and risk warnings as well as the Disclaimer of the respective broker.